International Commission for Maritime History

What we do

The ICMH, founded in 1960, is an international organisation affiliated with the International Committee of Historical Sciences. The objectives of the Commission are to encourage and co-ordinate research by maritime historians in a spirit of international understanding.

How to Join

The normal way to join in the activities of ICMH is to join a National Commission.

However, National Commissions are not always in a position to serve all potential ICMH members, and for this reason Associate (ie individual) Membership exists.

ICMH seeks to treat maritime history in the widest possible way and to act as a channel of communication not only between nations but also between the different specialisms. Associate Membership is open to all scholarly maritime historians, whether amateur or professional.

If you would like to become a member, or if you want any further information about ICMH’s activities, please contact the Secretary-General. The subscription is the modest sum of $20 US, which may be paid by cheque or money order (made payable to the International Commission for Maritime History and drawn in US dollars).